Beating Post-Holiday Blues

Beating Post-Holiday Blues

I don't know about you all, but as the holiday season fades into a memory, I find myself grappling with post-holiday blues. The transition from the excitement of decorating, shopping, holiday parties, and the warmth of family gatherings to the routine of everyday life can be challenging. This year, however, I am attempting to take some proactive steps to combat this melancholic feeling and infuse my days with positivity.

-Consider extending the holiday spirit by gradually transitioning into your regular routine. Instead of abruptly returning to work or school, allocate time for self-care and reflection. For myself, I am going to use the week post-Christmas for hair, nail, and massage appointments. Just engage in activities that bring you joy, whether it's a leisurely walk, reading a book, or opening that special bottle of wine you have been saving!

-Connecting with friends can be a powerful antidote to post-holiday loneliness. You may have been too busy to get together during the busy pre-holiday timeframe, so schedule coffee dates, happy hour, or even a cozy dinner after all the craziness has died down. 

-Setting realistic goals for the new year is another effective strategy. This can reignite the excitement for the possibilities the upcoming months hold. I am planning on updating my vision board for 2024 and resetting my goals for the year since that is what gets me motivated.

-Consider introducing new rituals into your post-holiday routine. This could be as simple as a weekly movie night, cooking a special meal, or exploring a new hobby. Embracing change and infusing your life with novelty can counteract the monotony that often contributes to post-holiday blues. I am still telling myself that I am going to play pickleball (lol...now moved from 2023 goal to 2024 goal).

Remember, it's okay to feel a little down after the holidays, but maybe by taking proactive steps, we can transform that melancholy into an opportunity for personal growth and joy...or at least get a pedicure finally:)

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