Trek Light is the husband and wife team of Seth & Heather Haber (along with a small but mighty kaleidoscope of partners, internal support, and suppliers that make it all possible!). Founded in 2003 in Boulder, Colorado, Trek Light began with a simple mission: to build a business with heart. A business that would be centered on happiness, a business that would give back with every sale, and one that would inspire its customers to share that happiness with others. Or, in seven words: Feel Good. Do Good. Pass It On. Today, almost two decades in, our mission continues stronger than ever. Our product line continues to expand - from our bestselling throw blankets and hammocks to apparel, home décor, and lifestyle accessories. Through it all, our products share a common heart and soul: Spreading happiness and promoting kindness. Giving back to the planet. Sharing the joy of adventure - whether you find it in travel, live music, or your own backyard. Encouraging us to spend more time outdoors and to live with gratitude. And enabling all of us to capture those memories and feelings we find in those moments - and bring them back home with us when we need them most. Thanks for being part of our story. Thanks for supporting a business with heart. And thanks for being you. Seth & Heather

Brand Values

-Not on Amazon

-Gives back: 1-for-1 Give Back to Trees For The Future https://www.treklightgear.com/pages/do-good
-Women owned