Polished Prints is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating products that bring positivity to you and your family. Founded by graphic designer Leah Longueville, Polished Prints (PP) started as a passion project - a way to bring inclusive and intentional apparel into the lives of her and her three children. When you wear our shirts people notice- they stop and smile because they understand. They take a moment out of their day to share a moment with you. These interactions have become the foundation of the Polished Prints brand, as we've made it our mission to empower others to look up, to share moments, and to go out of their way to see the good in those around them. We're here to encourage connection — real, human-to-human connection — even if it's sparked by something as simple as what's on your t-shirt. All of our apparel is ethically made in a factory committed to minimizing the natural resources used in the production process. Each piece is then professionally screen printed by hand using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

Brand Values

-Not on Amazon
-Gives back: Donates a portion of profits to organizations focused on supporting women’s and children. Donation efforts are through fundraisers, monetary donations, product contributions and collaborations
-Women owned